Between the end of June 2011 and the beginning of July 2011, in a period of less than two weeks, two much related conferences are going to take place in Europe. The first one, ICTON 2011, to be held in Stockholm, Sweden, June 26 - 30 2011, is concentrated on the applications of transparent and all-optical technologies in broadband telecommunication networks, systems and components. The second one, IEEE HPSR 2011, to be held in Cartagena, Spain, July 4 - 7 2011, is focused on the technology of high-speed, high-capacity switches and routers, including architectural and algorithmic aspects of high-speed IP networks. Due to this strong relationship, local organization committees of both conferences want to invite authors and technical audience to participate in both of them.

Both cities are perfectly communicated by plane, by means of several direct flights between the different airports near Stockholm and the Alicante Airport, the biggest airport near Cartagena. In addition, there will be a bus service from this airport to Cartagena.

Direct Flights:

  • From: Stockholm-Arlanda Airport To: Alicante Airport, Company: Norwegian Air Shuttle.
  • From: Stockholm-Skavsta Airport To: Alicante Airport, Company: Ryanair.
  • From: Stockholm-Västerås Airport To: Alicante Airport, Company: Ryanair.

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