Conference attendees are responsible for making their own reservations directly with the hotel of their choice.

Hotel Information

A number of rooms are already in hold at the hotels described in the next table. All of these hotels are within walking distance to the conference. When placing a reservation, please mention you are attending "IEEE-HPSR 2011" in order to get the rates mentioned below. These rates apply to the rooms placed in hold and to the rest of rooms only upon availability. You are encouraged to make hotel bookings as early as possible. There will be other events in Cartagena in July 2011 and this suggests high demand for hotel accommodation during conference days.


Hotel Carlos III Hotel Alfonso XIII Hotel Habaneros Hotel Cartagonova Hotel NH Cartagena
web www Carlos III www Alfonso XIII www Habaneros www Cartagonova www NH Cartagena
email @ Carlos III @ Alfonso XIII @ Habaneros @ Cartagonova @ NH Cartagena
google map map Carlos III map Alfonso XIII map Habaneros map Cartagonova map NH Cartagena
phone +34-968520032 +34-968520000 +34-968505250 +34-968504200 +34-968120908
double room single use + breakfast EUR 65.97 (VAT included) EUR 65.97 (VAT included) EUR 62 (VAT included) EUR 65.97 (VAT included) EUR 88 (VAT included)
double room double use + breakfast EUR 92.97 (VAT included) EUR 92.97 (VAT included) EUR 74 (VAT included) EUR 90 (VAT included) EUR 95 (VAT included)

Hotel Location